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I was an independent Ahmedabad escort from last 4 years , and I am here to share my first experience of my love pleasure, when I did my graduation I didn’t get my job in my specialization field so I joined hospitality management but I was not happy over there  because I want job in my career, so luckily, my school friend has its own software company so he offer me a job in my specialization, and I am so happy, As time passes our friendship goes more deep, we spent more time together , we talk over phones overnight do messaging and get together as much as I can.

One day when my mom dad was not at home , I was invited him for a lunch at my home , so he accepted my invitation and he reach on time but his another friend also with him, I welcomed both of them and get inside the house, When I get inside the room for change, his friend came inside the room without knocking the door and at that time I was completely nude, however I was just covered myself through towel and feel so embarrassing towards him, he take video of mine when I refuse to take my picture he forcefully take-off my towel and force me to make love.

At the same time my friend came inside the room they both want to make intimate with me, and they both get aroused and kissed and licking it as much as they can, they both force me to get blowjob, Eventually At that day I lost my virginity, I was screaming but that don’t care about it, that continuously love me like a bitch, I was also enjoying after some time, as that suck my boobs, I get seduced so much that both get sucking my boobs like a hungry wolf, my nipples get pain but they continuously sucking and now they want me to get love in different poses they both make love simultaneously.

I was supposed to be doing, and then I learned how to do it really well. I have spent a third of my life as an escort. After they satisfy they gave a thousand of notes on my bed, to pay like a escort, At that day I felt that what if I’ll really be a escort, It has also a good and handsome income and physical pleasure also and from that day I became a independent Ahmedabad escorts model.  Get more information about women pleasure, romance, women dating, paid companionship.